Thursday, September 30, 2010

Men's Night Wind-up

Rain pounded on the roof before dawn...fortunately by the first tee-off at Noon the sky had cleared and wind had dried the fairways, if not the greens.   Vying for cash prizes, wind-up attendees played 18 holes on Sunday, with scores added to the previous 18 qualifying holes. 

"There were a few evil pin positions out there," grinned several golfers, obviously having enjoyed the competition.  Prior to dinner, about half the group got together for a fun (and somewhat expensive!) "Horserace" round on holes 1, 7, 8 and 9.

All present raised a glass to "Friends not Here", at our Veitch/Geistlinger Memorial Tourney.  Dinner consisted of Baron of Beef, Stuffed Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Mixed Vegetables, and Monica's famous Asian Salad.  "Didn't think anything could top the Tuesday steaks," admitted newcomer Jake Harper, "but this was fabulous".  Chocolate cake rounded out the dinner.

Julie greeted thirsty golfers
Our young spotter, Nicholas, watched holes 6 and 7 and--despite "a few close ones"--the $5,125 up for grabs will carry over until 2011.

$400.00 for four Mystery Deuces was shared among Mike Gernat, Freddie Chirkoff, Vic Zesty, Mike Quibel, Rob Wasiliew, Bill Richardson, Jake Harper, John Simmons, Rob Bourne, Bob Westgate, Garry Hamilton, Dave Miller, Colin Banks, and Greg Davis.

Men's Night Manager Denny Wallace, with able assistance from Bob Westgate ensured all attendees went home with a merchandise prize.

(left) Don, Kim, Garry, Bob, Denny, Tony, Terry, Darrel,Al
Closest to the pin at 12 inches garnered Dan Odenbach a $100.00 result.

In the Card Draw, the first two draws at 100% went unanswered; subsequent draws at 50% (with the balance funding next year's Card Draw) resulted in Kim Creed finding the correct card to win $208.00.

Colin Banks' low gross of 99 for 36 holes was--frankly--outstanding, and he was awarded $200.00.

The low net prize went to Mark Holmes, whose 36-hole handicap of 35.9 netted him 87.1 and $200.00.

The 2011 membership went to Councillor Jack Gilroy...who had to race off with Vernon Mayor Wayne Lippert to attend the Union of B.C. Municipalities meeting at Whistler commencing the next morning.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Open Letter to Environment Minister Barry Penner

An oft-heard complaint is -- "Where are the police when you need them?  When you don't need them, they're everywhere!" 

Okanagan residents can now add Environment Minister Barry Penner to that perennial complaint.

He was nowhere to be found at the end of April when Stage 3 water restrictions were imposed in the North Okanagan, and we're guessing he hasn't kept track of the decidedly dysfunctional Regional District of North Okanagan (whose directors come from Coldstream, Vernon, and Areas B "etc." and sit on the equally dysfunctional Water Board).  Minister Penner likely hasn't read the 10 year old report that stated new water source(s) should be sought for a growing community.  He likely also wasn't aware that the Water Board's budget this year included $100,000 of taxpayer dollars for yet another water study.  Residents are still shaking their heads that yet another study is being commissioned, wasting another year or two.
Minister Penner was today quoted in The Province newspaper as saying: "People can help (water levels) by using less water now."   Is he finally getting his cattle prod aimed at the inefficient directorship of the water board at RDNO so that new--or deeper--water sources can be acquired on the Aberdeen Plateau?

Nope.  He's talking about fish.  Not people.


Yes, indeed.  Environment Minister Penner wants water conserved so that returning salmon can spawn (warmer water makes salmon more prone to disease and parasites, the article explains).  

"...if we don't," Minister Penner concludes, "water levels could fall to where voluntary measures may not be adequate.  People can help by using less water now."


Well, Minister Penner,  you're obviously also unaware of a letter to the editor of The Morning Star by one of this province's taxpayers--a  Mr. Greg Allan--whose water conservation efforts have resulted in an alarming scenario.  His letter follows:
   "I received our second quarterly bill for water consumption and it showed our household used 12.5 cubic metres from April 1 to the end of June.  During the previous three-month period, we used 15.5 cubic metres, for a six-month total of 28 cubic metres.  We were expected to use 40 cubic metres in that same period, so we conserved 12 cubic metres of water, more than half of a three-month allotment.  We get this water conservation concept.
However, we paid for 40 cubic metres, or put another way, we paid 30 per cent more for that water than a customer who used 40 cubic metres.  It sure pays to conserve.  When I received our first bill, I went to the North Okanagan Regional District office and spoke with Al Cotsowth and he told me that 'snowbirds' were to blame for the new water rate structure.  Apparently they are not using enough water, yet are benefitting from the infrastructure improvements being made to the water delivery system.  As well, our household is in the very small minority of households that uses less water than the average (20 cubic metres/three months) household.  He mentioned that only four or five other households had contacted him after receiving their first bill under the new rate structure.  I suggested to him that households that conserve water should have their balance carried forward to the next period, just like cell phone minutes.  
This logical suggestion seemed to be beyond the capability of the billing system and might I suggest, beyond the grasp of the politicians and bureaucrats that set the water rates.  At the end of the day, our household will stop conserving water if the rate structure does not change (bold--Editor).  Twelve cubic metres would be a good start to filling an in-ground pool.
Congratulations NORD, you have just created a water guzzler. (bold--Editor).  Now I just have to figure out how to get some level of government to give me the money to pay for my pool?
Hey, Colin Mayes, I have a shovel-ready project.  Is there any infrastructure money left that needs to be spent?"

Thanks, Greg Allan, for pointing out who the real culprit is...the North Okanagan Regional District.

"The fish can blame NORD, too," suggests Kia.

Minister Penner should too, now that he's finally interested.

Thank goodness the Salmon are returning, or the minister would still not know what's wrong in this area...NORD!  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vernon Jubilee Hospital fundraiser Golf Tournament

Sixty-five avid supporters of the Tower of Care fundraising campaign for Vernon Jubilee Hospital were welcomed to Highlands Golf on Saturday, August 28th.

An 18-hole round of golf, replete with refreshments at #7 Teebox -- dubbed "aiming fuel" -- was played in gorgeous sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures, versus the blistering heat of most of August.

Organizers of the event were Triboda Printing Company and VNet  The numerous volunteers directed groups to their shotgun start Teebox, with mobile communications from Tac Mobility keeping everyone in the clubhouse and on the course apprised of memorable golf shots.  A very excited voice announced "Hole in One" on the Men's KP at Number 7."  Folks enjoying the event from the patio chimed in, "Can't get closer than that to the pin!"

Leland Wilson shot a Hole-in-One on the Men's #7 KP.  
Prior to the BBQ dinner of 10 oz. Striploin Steak (or Chicken Breast), Triboda ushered participants to the putting green and chipping area beside the clubhouse.  A "Marshmallow Drive" was announced, with the object to hit a marshmallow the farthest.

Pictures say it all:
"There's gotta be a trick to this..."

"I think I have it figured out..."

Winners of the coveted Team Spirit Award were The Pink and Purple People Eaters,(from left) Deb, Deb, Marlene, Diane, and Lee.

Following the BBQ dinner, awards and prizes were presented.  A silent auction, raffle, and 50/50 draw concluded the evening.

The cooks, headed by James from VNet, (front left in photo) did a marvellous job
Triboda Printing is still adding up the event proceeds, with an announcement expected soon.

A big thanks to these Prime Event Sponsors:  Undercover Essentials, MQN Architects, Village Green Hotel, Tac Mobility, Banner Recreational, Pure Granite Rocks, Baron Insurance, DWF Gallery.

Secondary sponsors included: Gold N Time, Ram Computer Services, HP, GPA, Proveer,, LakeFront Capital Management,, SunFM, Edmonton Oilers, Sylvan Learning Centre, Vnet Consulting, Pure Granite Rocks, Sandman Hotel, Sweet Caroline's Bakery, 104 Grey Clothing, KPMG, Kal Tire, Marvel College, Canadian Western Bank, Okanagan Spirits, Sandler Training, Curves, Triboda, Cottons Chocolate, and Sweetwater Springs.

"Thanks, Triboda and VNet, for bringing your event to Highlands Golf," affirms Kia, adding "The costumes were delightful."