Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coldstream Council's Surprise Tax Spike

Even Council is surprised.  Imagine that!

Coldstream Council is surprised the 0.7 per cent tax increase has "nearly doubled to 1.35 per cent", as reported in Wednesday April 13, 2011, Morning Star under the heading "Coldstream tax rate takes sudden spike."

"It was really a surprise," said Councillor Maria Besso, after staff presented the rate which is necessary to cover a drop in assessment values.

Apparently the unexpected doubling of taxes is necessary to achieve the same revenue targets as in the adopted financial plan.  "It would have cost us so much more in staff time," (to revisit the financial plan) said Besso.

Perhaps business could adopt that approach.
It'd save me time too, as it does their staff.

Lemmesee...expected annual revenue "x", divided by the number of golfers "y" gives total "A".

So, a decrease in number of golfers annually naturally means that each golfer should pay more per round to meet annual revenue projection.

What a novel idea.
Charge more per person, and always get the revenue you want.

Councillor Besso concludes, however, "if there was a huge outcry, then we'd have to eat crow."

"I can offer a Magpie," suggests Kia, "they taste the same as crow."