Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wind Turbine is up!

Wind turbine raised June 17/09.
The B.C. Hydro inspection went very well!

"I could howl with excitement," affirms Kia.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nottingham, England visitors

Long distance referral

While touring Banff--some 428 km distant--and saying their next stop was Vernon, honeymooners Graham and Emma said they liked to play Par 3 golf courses.

"Highlands Golf in the Coldstream Valley just east of Vernon," was the suggestion.

Graham is a butcher; Emma a software programmer.

"Thanks, Banff!" adds Kia.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Highlands receives BCGA letter of support for new licence

Thrilled to receive this letter recently:

"The British Columbia Golf Association applauds what you have done for the sport of golf in British Columbia in creating a facility that is both fun to play for a novice golfer while providing for a great practice session for the accomplished player.

We were impressed with your facility when you hosted the best amateur players in B.C. at your facility during the play of the BC Amateur Championship in Vernon.

If every facility was exactly the same then this wonderful sport might lose some of its allure. It is a well accepted fact that the major barrier for people trying the sport is a lack of time. Short courses such as Highlands provide a real experience with the sport without the huge time commitment championship courses require.

We wish you well in the 2009 golf season and support your applications for the necessary approvals to make your business successful.

Yours truly,
Kris Jonasson, executive director"

"I'd share my kibbles with Mr. Jonasson," beams Kia.

Friday, June 5, 2009

10kW Wind Turbine progress

Months of planning are now coming to fruition.

A two hundred metre length of tech cable was trenched, inverters and associated components were installed, and wiring is nearing completion. Concrete core tested out at 31.8 mpa (over 90 per cent) within 7 days; a second core test is scheduled for Monday and will hopefully achieve 35 mpa. Update June 8th = 36.5 mpa. Perfect!

"The thing reduces me to the size of a squirrel," laments Kia from the shade.