Saturday, December 7, 2013

Privy Chamber

...good move.

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce directors have jettisoned from their regular meetings three board appointees: Will Pearce, bureaucrat from City of Vernon, Pat Cochrane, councillor from the municipality of Coldstream, and Junior Chamber International rep Sarah Moorhouse.

Chamber president, Adrian Johnson was quoted in the newspaper as saying "One thing we are looking at is our governance model." 

Cochrane and Pearce shouldn't feel slighted by the bylaw change that eliminates non-voting reps from attending meetings.

Consider it the same as in-camera meetings at their respective councils, and that's the way the change should be viewed.

"Or not," suggests Kia, adding "why would moles be at the table?"

Now somebody should tell the Chamber of Commerce that President Johnson's bio is displayed twice on their website.

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