Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Kiss Principle

That's what we'll call it.
The Kiss Principle.
And it's hoped this won't be the last of the ideas that finally rose to the top of the pile.

Gyula Kiss has a lot of good ideas, most notably on how to improve the North Okanagan's complex water system.

This one sets a precedent for water license transfer to a downstream location, with myriad benefits.
And no disadvantages, as it does not "adversely affect the system".

In his own words...from the coldstreamernews blog.

"A small victory!
At the October 18th meeting of the North Okanagan Regional District Board of Directors the following motion was passed:
"13. Transfer of Water Licenses


(Customized Stakeholder Vote – Includes Coldstream, Vernon, Electoral  Areas B and C)That as recommended by the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee, staff be directed to submit an application to the Ministry of Environment to transfer the existing Greater Vernon Water's Kalamalka Lake Water License from Coldstream Creek to the Kalamalka Lake intake."
Yours truly has been promoting this action for many years with no success. The response from consultants and staff has always been that this would not be approved by the government agencies. This argument was inconsistent with the Water Act which permitted the transfer of the “Point of Diversion” (PoD) of a water license to a different point within the water course provided it did not affect adversely the system. Moving the PoD downstream within a system is environmentally beneficial and it should be encouraged.

If this transfer request is successful then it would serve as precedent for future PoD transfer requests to Okanagan Lake.

Congratulations, Gyula.

"This Kiss Principle will be the first of many of his ideas to be adopted," Kia would've said.

It's unfortunate that RDNO bureaucracy and Ministry officials took so long to see the merit of the idea.
No matter...moving forward is finally the right direction!

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