Sunday, February 18, 2018

Severe Water Restrictions in April?

That's what he's basically demanding.
That Greater Vernon Water customers face severe water restrictions as soon as the irrigation season starts...because reservoirs aren't full.

Lumby Mayor Kevin Acton, according to the Morning Star newspaper February 18th, said "snowpack levels in March and April will be the benchmark for the province to confirm the outlook for potential flooding."

"It would be nothing more than a show
 that NORD is trying to help."

Our area's snowpack levels are 131 per cent of normal, versus last year's at 78 per cent.

So he and Lumby Council have contacted RDNO--who control water levels on Duteau Creek Storage Reservoirs (Aberdeen, Haddo and Grizzly)--to ask that water be released at this time of year.  In other words, to not allow Grizzly, Haddo and Aberdeen to fill to the point of overflowing.

"If you don't live on a knoll, you're probably in a bowl"

The topic was even discussed during the coffee klatch's meeting today.  Overheard were only snippets, one of which resonated:  "If you don't live on a knoll, you're probably in a bowl" (relating to spring flooding), "and unless you build your own berms and dikes, we're not going to short our water supplies.  But thanks for the idea, Mr. Acton."

Another comment was a bit more succinct: 

"The problem is, the lakes are already drawn down normally at this time and any more would affect water quality....we are still drinking that water and using the reservoirs. Plus in the grand scheme of things the three lakes only capture a SMALL portion of the runoff, it would only delay the inevitable. AND there's a lot that joins Duteau Creek below the dams, including Harris and Bessette Creeks which are totally unregulated. It would be nothing more than a show that NORD is trying to help. I think they should look at a canal to get the water flowing around Lumby during higher runoff years. It's all farmland around the village and would probably be a relatively easy fix."  (also Anonymous)

Mayor Acton was quoted in the newspaper as saying "We are wanting to be proactive in response to potential flooding." 
No, you're not, Mayor Acton.

You want all of Greater Vernon Water's customers to suffer horrendous--and unnecessary--water shortages all summer long

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"Next idea, Mayor Acton?" Kia would've asked, remembering something called climate change.

There isn't another idea.
The Mayor of Lumby asks the same thing every year.

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