Friday, April 6, 2018

Bleeding Hearts Need a Styptic Pencil

Incredible problems in downtown Vernon.

I had no idea, despite having seen--albeit quickly before I turned away--"disadvantaged" folks in and around the downtown core as I drive through on my business errands.

As well as this Beach Radio Vernon News page, this morning's CBC Daybreak program (out of Kelowna included absolutely gruesome details concerning what business owners downtown are faced with relating to the homelessness issue.

And this Take Back Our City story from Castanet expresses business owners' frustrations perfectly!

The radio station's feature stated:  "Last night’s Activate Safety Task Force town hall in Vernon drew close to 160 people.  Chairperson Darrin Taylor says people didn’t mince words but he feels the tone was still constructive.

“I think even those of us that have been around for a long time are beginning to be shocked at the sort of behaviours that people are seeing, but it was an opportunity for us to gather a significant amount of input and data."  ...“Everything from open drug use, prostitution, threatening behaviour, drug trafficking, theft and assault.”

But the CBC radio program--to which I awoke this morning--almost had me gasping in horror!
Some of the comments from business owners included:  "...a man masturbating at the Vernon Shoe store's front window, so I locked the door..." and "when I arrive in the morning, I have to clear away human excrement in front of the door..."

I was--and remain--totally stunned by this assault on decent people's sensibilities!

So now there's a Task Force!
What a bloody waste of time and energy.

I agree with one of the presenters who was featured on CBC this morning:  "Kick them in the ass..."

There has been wayyyyyyy too much "empathy and compassion".
Wayyyyyy too much focus on getting these people a place to shoot up their illicit drugs.
Wayyyyyy too many efforts and meetings to discuss mental health issues and how bad behaviour can be stemmed.

My response is likely because of my age.
I have a decidedly low level of tolerance for bad manners, bad behaviour, and an aggressive sense of entitlement that we--those of us who work hard and pay our bills and respect our neighbours--have had enough of!

Plus now a cynical response to the myriad "agencies" and "government departments" who keep feeding the demands of the "homeless".

why...oh why...does this NOT apply to every segment of society...


And to those bleeding hearts who want to keep complying with all the demands of the homeless, I say the following:

A big styptic pencil will fix your bleeding heart!

Because tolerance no longer works.
So end it!

Think of it this way:  Do we want this town known for these behaviours?


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