Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Misguided Politicos

Actually they're being totally absurd, asinine and idiotic.

Seems some Vernon councillors--during the reported growth of homelessness in our area, and the resulting increase in crime, as well as the issues many people's properties face during recent floods--are blathering on and on about Vernon's "Welcome" signs needing to have more colourful bases.

More colourful concrete bases?

After they themselves approved the design (at only heaven knows what cost) several years ago?
It was reported the signs were 30 thousand dollars over budget.


These people need to get over themselves and end their incessant pontificating.

And actually achieve something.
Anything but this nonsense about more colourful bases for the welcome signs.

"Perhaps Fall elections will thin out the herd of idiots," Kia would've said.

We can only hope...

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