Saturday, November 30, 2013

MGM Hasn't Phoned?

Obviously still pining for lost tax dollars from the defunct Consumers Glass site in Lavington, Councillor Besso queried:  "I'd like to know what's been thought of, what's been done," reported in the Morning Star November 29th, 2013.

A blog story about two years ago, (October 11/11):  Remember when this Mayor and Council indicated that with the closure of the Owens-Illinois (Consumers Glass) plant in Lavington they were short the property tax dollars, and they'd have to raise taxes to make up the shortfall?  I remember it.  A business owner would've lowered their budget, as would a family if income dropped suddenly. 

Well, those of us who remain here saw our taxes go up, and they continue to.

The site hasn't been sold, or subdivided, or leased and, presumably Owens-Illinois still owns the property, a Google aerial shows it at bottom right corner here:

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That wasn't the only location closed.  Here's a story on the Hamilton Glass Plant closure which saw some use as a movie set after its demise.
That's likely where councillor Besso's colleague, Mayor Garlick got the idea that the Lavington location could be used for movies, as he was decidedly against subdividing the 91.74-acre property into smaller--albeit useful--industrial lots, despite some apparent interest in that.

Coldstream's new director of development services, Mike Reiley, was quoted in the paper ever so diplomatically that prospective industrial land purchasers "...may not necessarily want 91 acres."

Ya think?
Now, six years after the plant closed, our Mayor stated there'd be more interest in the site "once environmental cleanup is done."
Does he think Owens-Illinois is going to come back, six years later, and pursue an environmental study, let alone clean-up?

Details (from realtor listing by Don Kassa):

9622 Hill Drive, Lavington
Presented at $9,700,000
Status: Unlisted

Near Vernon, B.C., the former glass plant. 91.7 acres zoned light industial on three titles, subdivision potential. The building is approximately ten acres in size including all levels with ceiling heights of twenty three to twenty nine feet clear in many areas. The building is adaptable to numerous uses. The warehouse itself is 6.3 acres with six covered loading bays. There is huge power and natural gas service, a railway spur and lots of water.
Property features
Lavington Glass Plant

Site Data
91.74 acres or approximately 3,993,145 square feet zoned I.2 General Industrial (zoning attached)

Approximately 1.169 feet along Springfield Road, 1.901 feet along Park Land Road and 2,400 feet along Learmouth Road

Services are as follows: Two sources of water, natural gas, and telephone. Two 25K Volt hydro services. On-site septic system. The disposal field is at the southwest corner of the property at Park Lane Road and Learmouth Road while the septic tanks are located directly south of the factory. Water is supplied to the main building from a line 10" line to Park Lane Road. Storm drainage is surface drainage and holding lagoon.

The fly-on-the-wall at the Owens-Illinois boardroom knows what its directors said:  "It's cheaper to simply continue paying vacant taxes on it."

Apparently "the owner...hasn't been really engaged," adds the mayor.
Translation:  Coldstream taxpayers will pay for the study and site clean-up.

"Getting an international company to come back for the clean up?" says Kia, adding "good luck with that."

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