Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quesnel Supports Downtown Businesses in Meaningful Way

No hand-wringing and walking in circles for this Council.
No lip service to downtown merchants' complaints of extremely difficult competition from big box stores.

Quesnel Council put their money where their mouths were.

Parking meters were REMOVED in the downtown core.
Yes, removed.
Not refurbished, not cheaper rates...
Meters were removed.

Fairness and equity so downtown merchants can begin to compete with the free parking offered by big box stores.
That's what results from a council that is responsive to their residents (versus being responsive to their bureaucrats).

In addition, a facade renewal grant program was offered to merchants, and will "spruce up" the downtown core, expected to renew interest in the area.

A friend visiting Quesnel this summer overheard a long-time resident say:  "This is the way downtown used to be, busy with shoppers, every parking space taken, with more people arriving to browse downtown shops."

Cause and effect.

And why not?
The alternative would've been:   For Sale, For Rent, For Lease...

Big box store parking is free.
Imagine the small downtown business owner trying to compete with the "buying power" and "free parking" that national firms possess.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map 

Quesnel's taxpayers have made some important decisions lately.
The recent referendum on a "Multi-Centre" has been tabulated, with the referendum failing to gain the required votes.

Records show that the Multi-Centre would have required a $30 million investment for the 1,600 seat arena, a 450 seat performing arts theatre and accompanying event and assembly space.  A 2008 referendum had approved borrowing up to $15 million.  After a further $5.5 million in funding is raised (because the project costs increased since the design's inception) the balance would be paid by taxation.

The City has, through Translink, added later service to transit based on requests from residents.

The City of Quesnel, Caribooo Regional District and Library share this facility.

"Sounds as though their Council has a good mix of councillors from all walks of life," offers Kia. 

A responsive Council is alive for taxpayers.

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