Friday, February 3, 2017

A Missed Opportunity?

Or is it a case of the media not doing its job?

Today's Morning Star story on the two "mud slingers ripping up a local watershed" who pled guilty and were ordered to pay fines for mud bogging in the Duteau Creek watershed last spring is, frankly, infuriating.

"Don't do anything foolish that gets your name
 into the newspaper!" 
Anonymous parent, 50+ years ago


Consider for a moment (even if you do not believe it) that getting one's name into the newspaper for a selfish and dangerous act that can--and does--impact the quality of a community's drinking water might...just a deterrent to others who disrespect both authority and the environment.

Those of us (mostly over the age of 50) can remember our parents' warnings:  "Don't do anything foolish that gets your name into the newspaper!"

That, in itself, years ago was indeed a deterrent to some teenagers who otherwise had no qualms about disrespecting authority.  They didn't want to let down their parents, who were hardworking "good citizens".

Kids may not be that caring today.
Same with some parents.
There must be some, though, who do care what their civic reputation is!

But what if their names were printed in the newspaper--after pleading guilty in court--was all that it took to prevent one person from doing the same thing?

"Or many others," Kia would've said.

What a missed opportunity, Morning Star!

By the way, isn't "reporting" the job of a community newspaper?

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