Thursday, February 2, 2017

Loose Fillings?

Loose fillings?
Lose fillings?
Same thing, really.

My friend actually voiced something the other day that I hadn't thought to ever put onto the blog.
Despite it driving me nearly INSANE!
I felt there's no solution at all, so why even bring it up?

Well, bless my friend for voicing what I've agonized over for ages:

"Why the hell are all these manhole (personhole?) covers ALWAYS under either your vehicle's left--or right--wheels?

  Can't they put the gawd-awful things in the middle of the lane?  i.e. under the car's driveshaft?

  And why oh why are they an inch or two lower than the road?"

Why indeed!

One of the worst roads for haphazard manhole cover placements is 27th Street, the curb lanes, while travelling north and south, especially between the Courthouse and 48th Avenue.
Add to that the new light at Beairsto School/Tim Horton's, which routinely kills the supposedly green-wave traffic light system during rush hours, and frustration accrues quickly.

Potholes?  Sure they occur, especially at this time of year.  But crews seem to be filling problem holes in fairly good time.

City missed this memo?...manhole covers 1/4" below finished grade!

Back to road irregularities.  There's the new affectionately named launchpad on the recently paved 30th Street (at 30th Avenue) where the "bike lane ends" at the N corner of the under-construction seniors' complex.  Under construction?  The complex is, yes.  But the road's already paved, and the launchpad is easily a 10-inch difference between paved sections!

Coldstream hasn't been immune to manhole "incidents", but they finally--after probably 15 years--skirted out the manhole cover on Kal Lake Road (heading east, between Kidston and McClounie Roads).  That manhole cover used to be 2 inches higher than the surrounding pavement!  A wheel alignment Ouch if ever there was one!

I laughed as my friend itemized numerous locations of Vernon's enemy manhole covers.

On parting, we promised to get together again...and wondered if we shared the same dentist.
Because we're going back to 27th Street to find our dental fillings.

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