Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Coldstream Dinosaur

Nope, it's not the District of Coldstream competing with the Okanagan Science Center's display (which runs until August in Vernon).

The dinosaur term describes the "workings" (or not)  of the District of Coldstream's elected officials.

Today's Morning Star story had Mayor Jim Garlick berating Councillor Peter McClean for having only attended two meetings since the beginning of November.  Even Councillor Cochrane said "(the absence) is out of hand."

They point to the B.C. Community Charter, which states:

"...if a council member is absent from council meetings for
(a) a period of 60 consecutive days, or
(b) four consecutive regularly scheduled council meetings,

whichever is the longer time period, the council member is disqualified from holding office."

Peter's been in Arizona since November and countered the District's criticism with a valid point:

  "Despite efforts to get council into the 20th(sic) Century--isn't it the 21st Century?--they still have yet to create the policy to allow us to attend meetings via the Internet while away."

The iPads that taxpayers bestowed on councillors provide the capability to video conference.

Mayor Garlick's in a snit that Councillor McClean missed the meeting where his vote would've been welcome to break the council tie relating to an ALR farm housing variance.

Oh, and just in case Mayor Garlick's ready to get into the 21st Century, here's GeeksBlog's instructions on video conferencing. 
Easy peasy, especially since that's what iPads were designed for.

"Doesn't Coldstream have an IT person?" Kia would've asked.

And Garlick could choose to video conference ONLY when there'll be voting taking place.

The Mayor?  or a Steggosaurus(sp?)

Note to Peter McClean:  When you return from Arizona, you can go visit Dinosaurs Unearthed at the Vernon Science Center.

Or just go to Coldstream municipal office.

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  1. I agree with Garlick and Cochrane. Following your logic, why even have public meetings, when they could all be online on their iPads? As for McClean, I'm not sure why he even wants to be on Council as he has a lengthy history of absences that predate the video conference technology. He just lost my vote; show up or shut up!


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