Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Justice System itself a misnomer.

The Criminal Justice System.

How about we change it to the Victim Justice System?
or the Family Justice System (for survivors)?

Today's Morning Star story on page 1 of the paper copy "Retrial for 2011 killing of Armstrong teen", about the criminal killer Matthew Foerster getting a new trial (not found on the Morning Star's new website!!!!) is bloody outrageous.

...the fact that he's getting a new trial.

Okay, okay, I'm no lawyer and neither are you.

But for the sake of the victim's long-suffering family, and decency itself, puh-lease get some new judges who are smarter than the defendant's lawyers.

"Six years later, the family has to go through this all again," Kia would've said.

Some justice.
Justice for the wrong side.

...and to give the victim's family justice.
and to finally let the victim rest in peace.

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