Saturday, March 10, 2018

Butchering the Language

Doesn't anyone read their printed words after writing them?
Do people talk that way?
Maybe I'm old school, but after I've put my thoughts to a page, I generally read the document before sending or publishing.

I even text in full English sentences.
I do not type "See you B4 you leave".
I speak English, not Bingo.

But obviously that's a practice not employed by some folks.
It has, frankly, gotten to the point of irritating me when I read the foibles.
And it's everywhere!

CONTRACTIONS, not contradictions!  Source:

Here's a sampling, along with the source:

"After pushing asked a shopping cart filled with personal belongs aside on the sidewalk, the woman climbed through a hole she kicked in at the front entrance glass door."

from CHBC-news, dealing with the Cold Weather Shelter Dilemma.

and another:
"Forecasters will be keeping closer eye on the mountain snow pack over the next few weeks as winter starts to loosen some of its grip."
from Beach Radio news, dealing with the snowpack.

and another:
"There are no health-related affects to customers."
from Vernon Morning Star, dealing with Duteau water plant back on.

"Keep this blog topic open for future additions," Kia would've suggested.

That's a good idea...

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