Thursday, March 1, 2018

Roses 'n Thorns

Roses to the District of Coldstream!
Despite it being only March 1st in this particularly long, cold and snowy winter, Coldstream deserves appreciation for wasting money!

Yes, wasting money.
Coldstream has--earlier than usual--patched many of the deepening potholes on our roads.
Residents appreciate it, even though the work will likely need redoing with continued freeze thaw cycles.  But potholes three inches deep, their size that of serving trays had been dangerous for motorists.

I'm only aware of two areas that were repaired:  Buchanan Road and Aberdeen Road, at the mailbox; and at the sharp curve on Aberdeen Road, heading south towards Kal Lake Road.  I'm sure there were others.

Now...the thorns.
A huge problem.
Every year.

Highway 6 at the 27th Street intersection!
All three sides...heading east at the curb just through the lights; existing Hwy 6 as you turn onto the 27th up-ramp; and heading west on Hwy 6 just through the lights as the overpass curves to the right...curb side.  If that weren't enough, there's a long and deepening crack in the middle of the intersection!

Huge numerous holes every year at that intersection.
In the same places.

So who's responsibility are those?
It's a B.C. highway, so it's the responsibility of the B.C. Ministry of Transportation.
Remember last year's "repair" of the Hwy 6 railway overpass down to the Polson Park entrance?
What a horrible repaving/patching job that was...and that hasn't lasted either.

NOT a photo of the areas the blog mentioned...because it's unwise to use a camera while driving!

It'll probably be the end of May before the MoT gets around to repairing those perennial trouble spots.
But Coldstream made their residents happy.
Even if it cost a few bucks for a few shovelsful of asphalt...and, yes, they smoothed the repairs!

"The MoT road repairs are synonymous with putting lipstick on a pig," Kia would've stated, adding "it's always a bad job."

Lipstick on a pig doesn't last?

Many people are hoping B.C.'s new coalition government will last about as long as the lipstick.
Or their asphalt patching on Hwy 6.
Certainly as long as the paint dividing the road lanes!

Anyone know of a season's pass for wheel alignments?

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