Friday, September 16, 2016

Fear-mongering Hiatus?

This summer's ample precipitation in the North Okanagan was certainly welcome.

For more reasons than to water our lawns and gardens!

Many hoped it would, frankly, shut up the OBWB's incessant yammering about climate change and drought.

More than one Greater Vernon Water customer mentioned "this summer's frequent rain should keep the OBWB's mouths shut for a change," the individual clearly more than a tad weary of hearing their "doom and gloom stories". 

Many residents recall a water consultant's comment--"you're blessed with loads/tons of water"--during the lengthy Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings during the Master Water Plan Review--yet nothing appeared to dissuade the OBWB's fear-mongering.

That remains true today in mid-September as the following excerpts of a Morning Star story from September 14th prove.  But this time it's a Black Press story (from one of their 112 newspapers, BP also owns the Morning Star), penned by a Kevin Parnell, headed "OBWB urges water planning". 

"...and recognize that our actions do affect surrounding watersheds in Canada, the U.S. and the world."

" the Okanagan...we're trying to get ahead of the problems."

"Warwick Sears (OBWB head) has considered the state of the problem in the Okanagan compared to what is happening in California."

"Use (the problems) as an example of what can happen if you don't plan properly.  We're trying to build relationships with stakeholders and different levels of government so when a crisis does happen we are a well-oiled machine."

Build relationships?
Surrounding watersheds ... the U.S. and the world?
Are the OBWB's ambitions a bit majestic? 

Not a mention in the story about gouging residents until they can't afford to do their young family's laundry.

Not a mention in the story about bureaucrats setting unrealistic revenue goals from a decidedly-management-heavy water authority, many of whom are engineers (yet they hire engineering consultants versus using their own professional skills!)

Not a mention that the Okanagan Basin Water Board is simply yet one more arm's-length appointed committee, who themselves (~50 people?) garner more than $600,000 annually from the Regional District of North Okanagan's for wages/benefits...all of which is money paid by residents, whether via taxes or water rates.

Complicit among Greater Vernon elected officials--including two mayors--are the bureaucrats of the Greater Vernon Water Authority who appear to have forgotten to update the public on reservoir levels at the Duteau site...since May!

Well, an updated reservoir level graph has been obtained by Vernon councillor Bob Spiers, and residents thank him for spurring the bean-counters into action...

(click the illustration to enlarge).

A commenter stated: "...they were all paranoid this spring for nothing."

But it appeared to be good press for them not just in the North Okanagan, but in Canada, the U.S. and the world."

Cue the cheering.
And before the scene fades to black, Kia's comment is noteworthy.

"A well-oiled machine?", queries Kia, concluding "nope, the OBWB is a well-greased machine, greased with OUR money."

We didn't vote the OBWB in.
And we can't vote the OBWB out.

But there are others we can, including provincial MLA Eric Foster.

And others who believe water runs uphill.

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