Friday, September 16, 2016

Road "Dieting" Continues

As the saying goes, it kind'a creeps up on you.
Change, that is.

Whether change is for the better--or not--is a matter of opinion.

The following photo landed in the mailbox today:

30th Avenue (circa ?)

Compare that photo (looking east on 30th Avenue, up to "Suicide Hill") to this approximation of the same street/area in 2016.

The question posed by the sender was: 

"The main street pictured used to be four-lane. 
Now it's two-lane and
 traffic frequently is backed up
 through a couple of traffic lights. 
  They call that Progress."

Road diet?

"It's Road Anorexia," affirms Kia adding, "obviously a bureaucrat went to a seminar."

...or Supporting the Downtown Vernon Association?
(i.e. your car is crawling at 1 kph anyway, might as well stay and shop if you can find a place to park).

Several years ago merchants on 43rd Avenue put up such a hue and cry that bureaucrats backed off dieting the road in front of their businesses.  Business owners had stated "our tax dollars paved four lanes here and it's to stay four lanes".

Those were the days when some local governments appeared to listen to and then.

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