Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oh Puhlease, Foster!

Puhlease, forget about coming here, even though it's Home.

Today's Morning Star indicated that as part of the Province's 2017 budget, MLA Foster will be part of an all-party select standing committee on finance and government services that signal the opening of public consultations on the next budget. 

If your windows were open, you'd have heard the collective sigh from resident readers of that article.

The committee "will travel to 14 communities to gather input from residents regarding priorities for the new budget".  Also offered will be video and teleconferencing options for eight other communities.


Don't bother including Vernon in your travels, Eric and committee.

People here are sick and tired of your anti-resident-opinion on the Stickle Road dilemma.  You fell nicely into step (doesn't a shadow always do that?) behind the Ministry of Transportation who firmly believe destroying any part of a 20th Street wetland on which a lot of money has been spent is a prudent decision.

But residents don't agree:

" is a marsh, a sensitive environment,
 many critters live there,
 there is also a creek that runs in there,
 how can it even be
 a consideration to destroy that?"
     D. Chambers, LtE Sept. 21/16

Foster has moaned that some opposition came from people who didn't even attend the ministry-held open houses...yet neither did he, adding ("Had I attended), it would've been all about me...

All about him?
How brazen and condescending from an elected member of this area!

a question to ask Eric Foster, MLA

"While the MoT is destroying the 20th Street marsh, how about bombing that weed-choked eyesore next to the Regional District Office at Hwy 6 and Aberdeen road," suggests Kia.

I think it's a wetland marsh/sanctuary too.

Sanctuary for 3-foot tall noxious weeds and mosquitoes!

So, Foster, skip your visit to Vernon.

For more information on select standing committees, click here.

Double yawn.

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