Thursday, December 8, 2016

Enderby's Timing Sucks

Today's Morning Star story by Knox "Notice given to unsightly Enderby premises", about council giving three readings to a Good Neighbour Bylaw amendment is bad timing if they want to enforce it now.

Apparently there are a couple of properties in the city that are of "huge concern".
After receiving a complaint, owners are given 14 days to clean up the property.
But the "huge concern" properties--if the bylaw amendment passes--reduces the clean-up deadline by 10 days to four. 

It's -13C out there folks!
So if a property owner didn't clean up when it was, say, a balmy 15C, do you really think it's fair to get him out there when it's 28 degrees colder?

"Are Enderby's councillors working outdoors in their gardens during this cold?" Kia would've said, adding "bet they aren't."

Enderby council would be wise to show a warm heart and order bylaw clean-up only during three seasons.

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