Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Longing for a Made in Canada Label

That's it!
I'm done buying stuff made overseas...at least from Pakistan.

I should use a weigh scale to record just how much lint came out of these new towels!  And that was just one small load (of three) that went into the dryer today.  I always wash newly-purchased textiles, even before labels advised it should be done!

Look at the lint screen from one small load:

And, yes, the lint screen was clean when I began the load.
I clean the lint screen, routinely, after each load!

There are other towel purchases--intended as Christmas presents--that are going back to Walmart for a refund.

And I'll show the customer service clerk the photo of the dryer lint screen.

"As though they'll care," Kia would've said.

Good point.

Bye-Bye, Made in Pakistan.
Never again!

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