Sunday, December 4, 2016

Humps, Bumps or Tables

What's next...a concrete ant hill with a ladder?
Either way you cut it, traffic calming devices are a pain.
The only benefit is they indicate when your vehicle needs shock replacement.

The new humps, bumps, or tables on Kalamalka Lake Road adjacent to Coldstream Elementary School are irritating more than a few residents, not just drivers.

As reported by Smith in today's Morning Star:  "If it's not cars bottoming out, it's grabbing gears," said Dan Paterson, who wants rubber speed bumps installed at the school area.  (Dan's idea is that school custodians could put them out before and after though that would fly!)

Apart from the fact that many roads adjacent to schools have no such barriers, there are specifications for speed barriers.  Do Coldstream's speed barriers meet those specs?

Some examples of traffic calming devices are pictured below.

These fellows are probably not school custodians...

oops...not this!


A three-inch high speed table would certainly have been sufficient for Kal Lake Road, but I'm not getting out of the car to measure their height.

And being made of materials different than the road surface may draw attention to them, as is explained in the first page of this website

Read a little further on that page, and you'll learn that a disadvantage is "increased noise", which was entirely Mr. Paterson's point.

"He omitted one thing", Kia would've said, "the sign pollution that Coldstream has created."

Good point.
Now if we could just convince a few of the SUV-Moms, as they are affectionately called, to not do U-turns in front of the school...

Bumpy ideas get a bumpy ride in Coldstream.

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