Thursday, May 18, 2017

Give Bureaucrats a Window

...and maybe a thermometer too.

Received this letter, dated May 1st, 2017 from RDNO.
The letter was written 17 days ago, during one of the coldest--and wettest--six weeks of "Spring" in recent memory.

(click to enlarge)

Yes, our last backflow test was conducted on April 28th of 2016.
But this year?  Holy moly, it was probably snowing that day...

We still haven't turned our irrigation water on.

I phoned the Cross Connection Control Officer and left a message on voicemail (to which--by the way--there was no confirmation of receiving it) to state that our irrigation water isn't turned on yet and that we would attempt to make their "completion by May 31, 2017" deadline, there is no assurance that date will be met.

We haven't even heard from the tester fellow yet...

"He's probably still placing sandbags at his foundation," Kia would've said, "to prevent floodwaters due to heavy rains from entering his house."

Bureaucrats might be bailing water from their homes too...

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