Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Turn Off the Taps, Mildred!

Wow...and they say el Nino brings a lot of rain!

It seems la Nina packs a big bucket of it too!
Cold and wet since early April...unusual for the Okanagan.
We can count on one hand the number of sunny and warm days.

Flooding in low-lying areas, streams overflowing, fish 'n ducks on the road beside London Drugs.
Even Highlands Golf has water coming out of the ground in the strangest places...luckily no damage other than wet golf shoes.

Some pics:

48th and Hwy 97 (at the Toyota dealership), with a similar amount of water on the other side at the Fairfield Inn.

Boots for the grandson to do some putting...
No wonder this golfing family was happy...it wasn't raining!  And they were celebrating a birthday...

And this photo from the internet aptly explains the Okanagan's water woes...

So, turn off the taps, Mildred!

It's golf season...we hope.

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