Sunday, May 7, 2017

Recycling Survey Disappoints

In today's Morning Star, regional district segment, there's an appeal for the public to take part in a "general recycling survey", as they call it.

Residents have been angry for years since the "new" MMBC recycling program was pushed down their throats, so it was with anticipation I entered the URL into my browser.

There is a "grey box on the right" at this URL.
After clicking on RECYCLING on the engineering page disappointment was soon felt.

After completing several questions, I was disappointed that the survey was merely another way to "educate" the public, rather than truly obtaining their opinions on recycling changes' failures.
And asking for household income--as though to gauge whether rich--or poor--people tend to recycle frankly, none of their business.
So I "x'd" out of it.

See for yourself here.

By the way, Multi Material BC is now renamed Recycle B.C.
We called it Mini Material BC.

"Because nothing beats the system we used to have...the blue bags at the curb, which were easy to haul down an icy driveway or stairs or an apartment elevator," Kia would've said.

Unlike some communities, we didn't even get the bins with the lids and wheels.
But the blue bags were the best.

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