Sunday, December 10, 2017

Enough Snow for L'il Man

Our grandson is now 3-1/2 years old and I'm reminded of a comment from my Mother when he was born: 

"A grandchild is God's second chance to enjoy a child."

My Mother was right.

L'il man getting familiar with gliding on snow in our yard...

As Christmas approaches, simple pleasures become a tradition with the next generation: an Advent calendar that helps count down the too-numerous days of December until Santa arrives, sleepovers in one of our bedrooms now that he has outgrown his home's crib, special breakfasts that include pancakes and peaches, a little stepstool that allows him to place ornaments on the bottom half of the Christmas tree.

Our daughter enrolled l'il man in Silver Star's excellent ski program.  Here he is at his first lesson:

The little people are in Silver Star's "Rippers" program.  L'il man is in foreground.

And the skiff of snow we have is perfect!  Temperatures aren't too cold for this grandparent to enjoy the outdoors with l'il man.  Unlike that freak snowstorm we experienced in early November:

Way too much snow and cold in early November.  One night saw -16C.
That was quite the storm...heavy wet snow that brought down tree branches...and bent my laundry umbrella!

And l'il man was adamant about decorating his own home...albeit in November!  Here he is with his idea:

L'il man talked his Mother into decorating their November.

I'm delighted that my Mother--his great Grandmother--is still able to enjoy him.  Here he is visiting her at Coldstream Meadows, her assisted living care facility:

Fourteen days until Santa's eternity for l'il man...a flash for a senior!

"Each day is important as we age," Kia would've said.

Yes it is.

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