Friday, December 15, 2017

Government's Competition: Fair or Not?


Your local government spends your tax dollars to buy a building and then rents it for an event or function.  You and other business people in your community are zoned commercial. government using your money to compete with private enterprise? 
Sure they are!

Local government has competed with private enterprise in their own community.

But you're the taxpayer whose taxes helped the government buy the property that competes with you.
And they'll continue to compete with your business.

And then they'll want to renovate the building.
So you the taxpayer will contribute towards that too...

The following from Coldstream Mayor Jim Garlick, Community News, Dec./17:

"Council would also like to get community feedback in a process to look at a replacement plan for the Coldstream Women's Institute Hall.  Council has budgeted money to carry out a planning process for a future hall to replace the existing hall next to the Cenotaph Park.  We would like to engage the public in the process in 2018 to create a plan for the community to use when it comes time to replace the existing hall which has had a long and well-used life...."

And in that same Christmas letter to residents, local government promotes their rental facility too:

There's also the offer of general liability insurance through government's "municipal user policy"...sheesh, how does private enterprise get in on group (municipal) rates?

The City of Vernon also competes with private enterprise within its boundaries.
They own the old Lakers Clubhouse and rent it out to functions and events.

"Deck their halls..." Kia would've sung the popular festive tune.

Perhaps the W.I. hall isn't the only thing in need of replacement.

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