Monday, December 11, 2017


Some are definitely worth least on the blog.

The first is one of my favourites...from Sundial Lighting in Vernon:

Me too!

This in the U.K. after Canada's Trudeau (T2) paid Omar Khadr 10.5 million bucks.

Well...why NOT?

This during the Spring 2017 flood event...that saw three weeks of rain.

Alternative to expensive groceries...a sign in the U.S.
This just after T2 won the election in Canada...

Is this indicative of high dropout rates in some areas of the U.S.A ?

a fav of mine from March/April 2017...our non-spring.  Brrrrr!
GVW customer?  Nah...

This "secret society" never seems to get good press...they work without fanfare.
lots of tears...from lots of people.
Appeared to coincide with Albertans moving here after the NDP won there!

And this one may be THE winner:

The most popular sign, according to the email Inbox.

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