Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ask Any Realtor?

Seems another resident of the North Okanagan is teed off that "the town you have decided to live in is so bas-ackwards."

Here's his letter to the editor of the Morning Star, printed January 28, 2018:

"Communities are in need of change:

Welcome, all new residents of Vernon and Coldstream.  In case you are having some difficulty wondering why the town you have decided to live in is so bas-ackwards, you are not alone.

But give up now and pay no further attention because it is never going to change as long as Coldstream and Vernon keep the same old generation of councillors and mayors.  There are only two groups that the city is focused on -- the newly wed and the nearly dead.

If you are a bachelor or younger couple wanting to buy or rent a new condo here and not something built 20 years ago and outdated, good luck because the planning has never been developed for the younger working generation.  There are multiple condos constructed in 2017-18 for senior citizens, and the city has even decided to put some of them right downtown closest to the nightlife that Vernon barely has.

So you work out of town on a rotation, make pretty good money, but want to live somewhere with a strata and a no-maintenance yard?  Not in this city.  You are never going to be able to start small because there is nothing affordable.  Nothing even brand new for people that want to live in a high-density establishment. 

Yet Vernon has multiple empty lots in and around downtown that would be perfect for a high-rise development to be built.  Ask any realtor in Vernon.

"It does not matter if it is
 in the pouring spring rain or
the water-restricted days of summer,
 your water bill
 will still blow your mind
every single time."
Adam Maxnuk               

A local business thrives on citizens that spend money.  That is how the economy cycles.  Money needs to be spent and young people love to spend money.  Vernon city council has not been able to figure that one out.

You want to go to the beach?  Great idea.  Most of us live in the Okanagan for the outdoors.  You want to play some beach volleyball?  If you do, don't forget your steel-toed boots, as the sand is almost non-existent.  Nobody has thought to maybe add more sand to counter the sand depletion problem at the popular beaches.

To the new residents of Coldstream, before you look at your quarterly water bill, you are going to have to cancel that vacation you just booked.  It does not matter if it is in the pouring spring rain or the water-restricted days of summer, your water bill will still blow your mind every single time.

Coldstream isn't the little community it once was.  The council and mayor are pushing to have only commercial zoned development right across the street from where you take your son or daughter to Coldstream elementary school.

How does that make any sense at all.  
It doesn't.
Welcome to Coldstream."

Adam Maxnuk

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"What he omitted was that seniors don't spend (enough) money," Kia would've said.

Every community needs young people.
Young families.
Young families that have jobs.
Good-paying jobs that don't require a family member working out of town.

...Families that buy washing machines, theater tickets, pizza dinners, and shoes and coats.

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