Monday, January 29, 2018

Liberal Robber Barons

Mismanagement by British Columbia's previous government?
I should say so.

It's no secret that the B.C. Liberals have for years considered ICBC--and B.C. Hydro--their government's piggy bank, with "surplus" funds routinely pilfered to supplement the empty echos emanating from "General Revenue".

The Robber Barons are B.C.'s former Liberal government led by Christy Clark.

An ICBC $400 annual premium hike?
That's what may be necessary for every B.C. driver as ICBC's deficit is now slated to be $1.3 billion.
Yes, billion.
Especially since a mere three months ago, the ICBC deficit was expected to be a paltry $200 million.

But that was before the Liberals robbed ICBC of $1.2 billion!

Mike Smyth's story in the Province tells a horrific tale of not only mismanagement, but deceit, in particular by former Liberal finance minister Mike de Jong, who "stripped the controversial recommendation (for not acting on an Ernst and Young report in 2014) and keeping the information away from ICBC."

"Years of bad decisions and mismanagement by the former government have meant a fiscally unsustainable position at ICBC," a government briefing note is reported to have stated.  "We never expected to find this level of mismanagement by the previous government."

Crooked Christy Clark.

What's needed is an immediate return to private insurance.
But then what of ICBC's "debt"?

Get it back from former Liberal ministers?
And their highly-placed private donors?
Take it out of their hides?

"The Liberals have continually taken it out of ours," Kia would've said.

 ...and to think I used to be a B.C. Liberal!
My excuse is that there wasn't another choice in those days.

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