Friday, January 26, 2018

Farm Industry Review Board...January 30 at the Prestige Inn


I've been asked by Roxanne to notify current and former members of the Buchanan Road Residents Association--and anyone else interested--in farm practices that include helicopters, wind turbines and sprayers.

Here's the press release:

Date:  9:00 A.M. Tuesday Jan. 30, 2018 at the Prestige Inn 4411 32 Street, Vernon B.C.

Hello to All:

If anyone is interested in how the system works for farmers in "Right to Farm" legislation, there is a Farm Industry Review Board session at 9:00 a.m. at the Prestige Inn in Vernon on Jan. 30 and 31, 2018.  This is a legal and binding inquiry into the farm practices of Coral Beach Farms as it pertains to the use of helicopters, wind turbines and sprayers at their cherry orchard in Lavington on Buchanan Road.  This board is meeting in response to the complaints of two neighbours, Bob Learmonth and John Mitchell.  They will give evidence concerning the disruption of normal life brought about by this industrial farm.  For all of you who think these disruptions are minor - they are not.  It is unbearable, non stop (day and night) noise and chemical pollution throughout the spring, summer and fall.. B.C farm folk are tough; we all know what it takes to get a crop in....but no one is that tough.  This is different.  This is not farming...this is heavy industry with an agricultural output, and it is affecting an entire community. Our community.

This meeting is open to the public BUT there is no opportunity for any public input.  This is a legal procedure and the decision of the board here can force Coral Beach Farms to change their farm practices if they have been found to be "not normal" farm practices.  I encourage anyone who cares about stopping the detrimental effects of industrial farming to please come out and support our Lavington neighbours in their efforts to obtain a fair arbitration decision from FIRB.  As stated, you will not be allowed any input into this meeting.  Your very presence however can send a clear message to this government review board that here, in this neighbourhood, in this valley, we have people who care about the environment, about Fair Farm Practices, and about respect for your neighbours and your community.  Tell your friends.  The more faces in the crowd, the more this board has to listen.

This is ground zero in what will be allowed in Coldstream under Right to Farm legislation.  It is not just a Lavington issue anymore.  Forty-four acres on Coldstream Creek Road will be being planted in the spring by Coral Beach Farms (Peter McLean and family's property). Vernon will have its own 30-plus acres near Allenby Way and the airport courtesy of Coral Beach Farms.  More will follow.  Please come and lend your support while it can still make a difference.


R. Ronan

North Warren Road Residents Association

(those people next to the other Coral Beach Farms 102 acre Cherry Orchard on Warren Road, Coldstream)

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