Friday, November 11, 2016

Bellringer "Out to Lunch"

Yup...B.C.'s Auditor General, Carole Bellringer, is out to lunch if she thinks she has a good grasp on the recycling program(s) in the province.
She's obviously listening to the wrong people.

A November 10th Kiss-FM news story reported that no recycling audit was necessary.

""Such as ensuring the quality of reporting and recycling outcomes, expanding access to recycling services to more locations throughout the province including  rural communities, and encouraging accountability through transparent financial reporting."

The program's working well, Ms. Bellringer?

"Those who make, distribute or sell certain types of products are responsible for recycling them.
 The intent is to take the responsibility off of taxpayers
 and local governments and put it with the producers,"
 Carole Bellringer, B.C. Auditor General

Abject hogwash.

Notice something?  (You should...)
Well, perhaps not...because you have to dig for it.

"Those who make..." includes Weston Bakeries, the largest bread manufacturer in Canada.

an apt description...

"So does Bellringer know that bread bags aren't allowed in the recycling containers?", Kia would've asked.

Apparently she hasn't a clue that bread bags aren't allowed.

The problem with recycling program(s) in B.C. should ring a bell.
But apparently not for everyone.

Just more ka-ka from the B.C. government, whose regional districts got lots of moolah (= bribe?) to enable the program...

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  1. Do you understand why plastic film, glass and styrofoam are "depot only" items?


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