Saturday, November 26, 2016

PSC Arrives in Coldstream

Received this November 21st, 2016, letter from the new Protective Services Coordinator at Coldstream.

"To whom it may concern:

My name is Matt Treit and I am the new Protective Services Coordinator for the District of Coldstream.  The purpose of this letter is both to introduce myself as well as to inform you that I will be conducting an inspection of your building within the next one or two months to determine if there are any deficiencies related to fire safety.  I wold ask that you ensure that you have all your fire protection equipment current with regards to maintenance and testing and that you have the appropriate documentation available to confirm that the testing is current.  Fire protection equipment includes, but is not limited to fire alarm systems, sprinkler and stand pipe systems, portable fire extinguishers, commercial kitchen exhaust and suppression systems, special extinguishing systems, exit lights, and emergency lighting and power installations.  In addition, if your building requires a Fire Safety Plan as per the B.C. Fire Code, please have a current copy of this plan available to provide to the District of Coldstream.

At the provincial level, the new Fire Safety Act has now replaced the older Fire Services Act which will result in some changes in the inspection process in the future.  At this time, however, the regulations which accompany the Fire Safety Act are still being developed.  The authority to conduct the inspections is still found in Section 4 of the local Fire Prevention Bylaw.

The responsibility for complying with the(sic) both the British Columbia Fire Code and the British Columbia Building Code remains with the owner of the building as outlined in the following excerpts from the two codes:

"Unless otherwise specified, the owner or the owner's authorized agent shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Code."  (BCFC

"The owner of a building is in no way relieved of full responsibility for complying with this Code by the authority having jurisdiction
(a) granting a building permit,
(b) approving drawings or specifications, or
(c) carrying out inspections."  (BCBC

To schedule a time and date for an inspection, or if you have questions, please contact me at the District of Coldstream (250.550.1513).  For those who do not make an appointment, inspections will take place without further notice during regular business hours.

Matt Treit
Protective Services Coordinator, District of Coldstream"

After six months without no days day off...I'm not here during winter.

I immediately emailed the following reply to

"Hi Matt, welcome to Coldstream.

Re your letter dated November 21st about a fire inspection, the business is closed until approx. end March/early April.
I’m seldom around in the winter as Highlands is a seasonal business.
In the interim, the building is used for storage of patio furniture, swimming pool solar blanket, and other personal items that don’t have a home otherwise.
Water lines were drained/blown out; electric heating is left on so that upholstered furniture/bar lines don’t freeze.
Look forward to meeting you in the spring when we re-open.
(signed) etc."

"Maybe he's a golfer," Kia would've said.

It'll be good to see everybody back early April when the course re-opens.

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