Friday, November 11, 2016

Murkily Transparent

It's not life or death...

It's not a huge deal that the District of Coldstream omitted the "Applicant" part of a public hearing's rezoning application...but the point is that it was omitted...when other public hearing documents include the applicant's name.

In this case, it's a resident's application to rezone their property to Bed 'n Breakfast--allowed in their area--by the Official Community Plan (and zoning regulations).

I am not against the application, and with the planned Okanagan Rail Trail, the bed 'n breakfast application is likely a good idea as those people using the trail may wish to access accommodations without going into downtown Vernon.

It's simply that some things aren't done in a consistent manner by some local governments (in this case, Coldstream).

Unlike Vernon:  An October hearing, with applicant clearly defined.

Have a look at the 7+ pages of public hearing documents from the City of'll be hard pressed to find the Applicant information omitted.

"Coldstream only includes Applicant names when officials deem the issue to be earth-fracking (-shaking), like a decidedly-sinful liquor license," Kia would've said.

Bed 'n breakfasts don't qualify.

But they won't want transparent windows...

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