Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bureaucrats "Misappropriating" Data?

Flat out lying.
That's probably more accurate.

Yup, that's what bureaucrats do.
The end justifies the means.

Anyone with half a brain who was involved in the year-long Stakeholders' Advisory Committee meetings at RDNO regarding the Master Water Plan will know.

Remember when all the Technical Memoranda (1 through 9) and bureaucrat/consultant submissions and publications stated that agricultural water use wasn't expected to increase beyond reported (current) levels?

The bureaucratic requisite...

The Rolke story entitled "Regional growth strategy on track" (January 4/17) kinda disputes that and confirms what most people have suspected/known all along.

Judge for yourself:

"...The growth strategy is also focused on supporting farming and there has been an increase in the agricultural land base."

'Farm diversity is up,' said Marnie Skobalski, planner.

'The range of farm commodities being produced is on the rise'."

Not just "the range"...the sheer number of farm properties is wayyyyyy up.
Get in your car and drive around.
See for yourself.
See the formerly fallow land (from previous drive-arounds) that are now planted to new orchards, for example.

Is agricultural water use increasing?
You bet your socks it is!
But the numbers won't be released by RDNO/GVW for at least a few more years, as is typical.

"Maybe they're watering with IOUs," Kia would've said, "for their water arrears."

In addition to increased crop plantings, there's also a huge increase in the number of Rent-a-Cow farmers.  (Renting part of your land gives you--the homeowner--the farm rate for property of course the dirt-cheap water rate).

What we all learn from bureaucrats at GVW and RDNO


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