Saturday, January 21, 2017

Majestic Hunter No More

So sad.

A majestic bird of prey, this Red Tailed Hawk was likely a get so close to dangerous obstacles during his attack.
Perhaps the promise of a Quail dinner reduced his usual caution around structures that people build.
Perhaps as a juvenile he was still learning.
Perhaps his hunger was, at that moment, more important.

But it's ruined my week.

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Magnificent, even in death.

Both wings were caught in the wrought-iron fence, with his neck likely broken.

I fervently hope his death was immediate

His body can be seen caught in the fence above the rock wall...with Quail feeding below.

No matter that the Red Tail Hawk's conservation status is listed as being of "least concern", it's a devastating occurrence at our home.

"While I fly, follow me in the shadow of my wings."
Jatayu, The Ramayana

Source:  Noble Bird of Prey

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