Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Power Misdirected

More accurately, bossy bee...

Seems we citizens are allowed to tell Canada Post to withhold unaddressed admail from our mailboxes, but we have no such choice when it comes to the local newspaper, the Morning Star.  We either accept the voluminous flyers or we don't get any newspapers placed in the Morning Star box.

only old advertising flyers grace this Morning Star newspaper box on Buchanan Road...newspapers are no longer delivered, supposedly because residents have chosen to reject flyers...

 Can we really reject Canada Post's unaddressed admail?  Sure we can. 

"There is a little known, or should I say never advertised, policy at Canada Post regarding "unaddressed admail" (otherwise known as flyers). If you receive your mail at a Communty Mail Box (Superbox) you can opt out of receiving flyers by taping a note requesting "no Flyers" to the front edge of your mailbox. The Carrier will then mark your box as such and Presto! no more flyers
 (except for politcal/elections notices - by law)"  from Kayshadog, 2007. 
So what's up with, presumably, our right to reject Morning Star flyers...and now receiving NO newspapers delivered to the box?
"A monopoly creates strange power-plays"...Anonymous
Uninformed bossy bee, perhaps.
"Otherwise we simply bring flyers home and place them directly into the Blue Box for recycling," Kia would've suggested, adding "what a waste of time...and muscles taking them back to the curb."

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