Tuesday, January 31, 2017

RBC Online is horrendous!

Didn't realize how good I have it with Vantage One Credit Union...until I took over paying my elderly Mom's bills online with RBC.
How very, very good I have it with V-1!

One would think that one of the five biggies would, frankly, have their shit together when it comes to an online customer payment system.

You'd be wrong though.

"Who greenlit this steaming turd?" 



Husband heard me grumbling, and reminded me of his struggles last year to assist his elderly mom with online banking--this time through CIBC--when he experienced nearly the same obstacles.

Seems I'm not alone with the RBC complaint.
This reddit site begins with the sentence:  "Who greenlit this steaming turd?"
Some of the comments are a year old, but it appears that RBC hasn't acceded to customers' wishes to change the format.

Is this guy responsible for the horrendous RBC online website?  Secret weapon?  Funny!

I won't even list all the ridiculous clicking one has to do on the RBC online banking site.
For obvious reasons, I also won't include a screenshot of Mom's account.

RBC doesn't stand for Royal Bank of Canada.
Their online banking site should be called Run Before Collapsing.

I may email Vantage One Credit Union a thank you note!
Yes, I will.
There's probably an easy way to do that online.

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